Stuffed Dachshund

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Stuffed Dachshund

Product Features:

  • High quality Dachshund stuffed Animal
  • Filled with polyester fibres

Size & Weight:

  • Length: 15.7in (48cm)
  • Height: 13.4in (34cm)
  • Weight: 2.2lbs (1kg)


This photo is a stuffed animal which imitates the famous Dachshund among the puppy varieties. We made the same size as the actual Dachshund puppy. Especially for children or those who love puppies, it is a good idea to give this stuffed puppy as a gift to those who want to raise their pets but are burdened with expenses and other problems. If you are presented with such a cute stuffed puppy, you will be able to spend time with a cute stuffed puppy without having to consider the time or expense of cleaning the house or raising a puppy. Especially since Dachshund is an animal with a black color, we made a product to reflect this.

Especially our stuffed Dachshund puppy is popular because it is made of similar size and appearance to the actual dog. It is made of artificial fur, wire, frame, wire, cotton, etc. It is made of durable material to enhance the durability of the stuffed toy, so it is a stuffed puppy which has a durability of long lasting.

In addition, because the ear contains a wire, consumers can customize the shape of the ear. Of course, if you do not over-press it too much, you may feel like you are raising a real dog because there is no problem with the product being destroyed. This stuffed dog is actually a 100% hand-made, so it is a high quality stuffed dog that can feel the breath of artisans.

When washing the stuffed dog, do not turn it on the washing machine. Rinse the sponge with a mild detergent, gently rub the dirty part, or the burnt part or the stained area, and rinse carefully with water.