Stuffed Spitz

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Stuffed Spitz

Product Features:

  • High quality Spitz stuffed Animal
  • Filled with polyester fibres

Size & Weight:

  • Length: 15.7in (40cm)
  • Height: 13.4in (34cm)
  • Weight: 2.2lbs (1kg)


The main character in the photograph is a stuffed puppy modeled after Spitz who is loved for its cute and pretty appearance. Many people have recently chose Spitz as a pet dog, which I think that it is due to its small, cute looks. In fact, Spitz puppies are loved by dog ​​owners because they listen to their masters well and have lots of charm. This Spitz stuffed puppy is a 100% hand-made, specially made of artificial fur, which gives a soft texture of the actual Spitz puppy. Especially the stuffed puppy is made in white color. Spitz is mostly white puppy, and white puppy is popular in recent days, so this stuffed Spitz has a similar feeling to the actual Spitz puppy with white fur.

To enhance the reality, the stuffed Spitz is made in almost the same size as the actual puppy, and the pink color of the ear allows the consumer to feel as if they are seeing the actual Spitz puppy. This little detail is made with care, and although the puppets are generally different from the actual puppy feel, they are very similar to the actual puppy.

It was also made by raising the tail of the puppy, which was created to take advantage of the characteristic of Spitz which is friendly and charming. The reason Spitz is loved by many people is also the characteristic of Spitz puppies with this cute personality.

Finally, through the short legs of the puppies, this feature emphasizes the cuteness of Spitz. By using the cute looks and features of Spitz, the reality is further enhanced by making a stuffed puppy similar to the actual puppy size.