Angry Man Pillow

Emoji Island

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Angry Man Emoji Pillow

Sometimes when you are angry, nothing feels better than having a friend who is just as angry that you can vent your frustrations to. When you find that you'd rather be alone during your moment of fury, take out your rage on the Angry Man Pillow. This bright red pillow features the face of the angry emoji whose expression is sure to mimic your own angry one. His eyebrows are pulled downward into a menacing glare and his mouth is frowning deeply. The cushion measures 8 inches by 13 inches and is made from a plush and soft exterior material that makes him a great stress toy to squeeze in your frustration. He can be taken to bed with you or used for snuggling on the couch as a throw pillow. You can also choose to give this to someone who has made you mad to let them know you've had it up to here.

Product Features:

  • High quality Emoji pillow made by Emoji Island
  • Super soft plush material
  • Filled with polyester fibres

Size & Weight:

  • Size: 8 inch X 13 inch (20cm X 32cm)
  • Weight: 0.28 lb (125g)