🦒 Giraffe Stuffed Animal [Giant Stuffed Giraffe]

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Giraffe Stuffed Animal [Giant Stuffed Giraffe] 🦒: 



The Cute Stuffed Plush Giraffe Toy is a high quality tall soft animal doll specially designed as birthday gifts for kids. The giraffe has its long four legs and a long neck. It’s a soft plush animal doll made to display some amazing feature of wildlife animal.

The Cute cartoon Stuffed Plush Giraffe Toy is 80cm high with a unique and beautiful golden brown and white skin with a hairy long tail. The toy is designed with a high quality PP cotton filling which gives the toy a firm standing shape. Cute Stuffed Plush Giraffe Toys will always maintain its shape no matter the amount of pressure your kid exert on it. It can take the standing or sitting position perfectly without losing its form. The pp cotton filling gives the item its elegant position. The item is DIY customized, made with soft cotton material. Cute Stuffed Plush Giraffe Toys is both interactive and educational.


Product Features:

  • High quality giraffe stuffed toy
  • Super soft plush material
  • Filled with polyester fibres

Size & Weight:

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