Thinking Emoji Pillow

Emoji Island

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Thinking Emoji Pillow

You spend a lot of time pondering different aspects of life, always looking for answers to the questions that plague you the most. The next time that you are lost in thought, you can grab onto the Thinking Emoji Pillow as you pensively sit. This emoji pillow has a quizzical expression that is evidenced by its quirked brow, tight lip line and the finger that touches its chin. Yellow, circular and measuring 13 inches in diameter, it is an excellent choice as a throw pillow for your bed, office chair or sofa and the color can liven up any room. Use it as a pillow for a nap or as a cuddle buddy. Its ultra soft exterior is plush and comforting, inviting you to take a break from your deep thoughts and relax a bit. Inside of the cushion is a blend of polyester fibers that are supportive and soft as well.

    Product Features:

    • Best quality Emoji pillow made by Emoji Island
    • Super soft plush cushion
    • Filled with polyester fibres

    Size & Weight:

    • Diameter: 13 inch (33 cm)
    • Depth: 4.3 inch (11 cm)
    • Weight: 0.7 lb (320g)