Mini Emoji Plush Toys

Mini Emoji Plush Toys

Mini Emoji Plush - Emoji Island

Do you know someone who absolutely loves Emojis? Do you, yourself, practically speak exclusively in Emoji language? Well, we’ve got the perfect product to satisfy your Emoji love all the time, so you can show it off to the world, wherever you are. Everyone has their absolute favorite Emoji, so why not grab yours and really bring it to life?

Our Mini Emoji plushies are a great gift item for the Emoji-enthusiast in your life - including yourself! They are made from super-soft plush material, and come with a suction pad for easy hanging. Whatever your favorite Emoji may be; from heart eyes, to a grin, or even a kissing face, you can say so much through so little with these Emoji plushies. They make absolutely wonderful gifts for the Emoji-lover in your life, and you can even buy multiple Emoji expressions to give everyone their own special face that showcases a bit of fun in their personality.

The suction cup attached to our Emoji plushies makes it easy to hang them anywhere. They are great inside a car window, looking out so everyone who drives by you can see just a glimpse of your personality, and even though they may not be able to say it, chances are they’ll be wondering where you got such a fun product to hang in your window! Everyone loves Emojis, and everyone has their favorite, so why not show off yours in your car window, at home, etc.? The possibilities for these plush Emojis are endless, so have fun, and enjoy showing off your favorite Emoji expressions to the world.

You can find those cute mini emoji plushies here > Emoji Mini Plush

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