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What’s that I smell? Is that a prime rib roast? A glazed ham? Chicken wings? Applewood smoked bacon? I do love my meats, if you couldn’t already tell. What’s your favorite meat? I like all kinds, but my absolute favorites would be a tie between ham and bacon. I couldn’t really narrow it down any further beyond those two. They’re both wonderful Regardless, whatever it is that’s cooking, it sure smells good. Could I have some, pretty please? I promise I won’t eat too much of it at once, and I’ll make sure I share it with others. I have a huge appetite and I do love to eat, but I’m not a greedy person. Food is meant to be shared, after all. Preparing food and giving it to others is one of the ways that people share their love. My dear, sweet grandmother is one of those people. Grandmothers are good that way.

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