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Who says you can’t age gracefully? This handsome gentleman is proof that you can. He’s bright and alert and full of energy, ready to face the brand new day ahead of him. There’s not much that brings this guy down, and the few things that do never keep him down for very long. The one exception to normally impenetrable cheerfulness is whenever he has to endure his cousin’s awful baking. Yeesh! Who could blame him? Nobody should have to endue awful baking such as that. There are even rumors that the baking was so atrocious, it’s what turned this guy’s hair white in the first place. He used to such lovely orange hair. Up until he ate something that went down the wrong way, and alas, his hair was never the same since. Granted, these are merely rumors, but the cousin’s baking is awful enough that these rumors are quite plausible all the same.

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