Man Construction Worker

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This guy is so good at his job, he puts Bob the Builder to shame. If you don’t know who Bob the Builder is, that’s okay, because this guy is still an amazingly efficient worker. He’ll get any job done for you no problem. Just look at that amazing hard hat. Now that is a quality hat right there, folks. That would even put Bob the Builder’s hat to shame. In fact, old Bob is probably already jealous of this amazing hat, and who could blame him? It’s not quite as cool as the Queen’s Foot Guard bearskin hat, admittedly, but still pretty rad. Then again, nothing could be cooler than the bearskin hat, so it’s really not a fair comparison. Actually, just imagine that. Construction workers with bearskin hats. How could you possibly get any more awesome than that? Alas, there is no bearskin hat here, so we’ll have to make do with the still-cool-but-not-nearly-as-awesome standard issue construction hat.

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