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My nose always knows. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. It comes from my punny sense of humour. But then again, maybe you have a punny sense of humour too. Maybe you too can appreciate the simple, corny, and yet irresistibly addicting wordplay-based humour known as puns… or maybe you just find them really cringe-worthy. I wouldn’t blame you. I’ll stop with my punny nose-related jokes. Or would that be, my runny nose-related jokes? Har har! Okay, I’m done for real this time. Anyway, yes, this nose emoji. People often take their noses for granted, but just think. Without the nose, it would be impossible to smell anything. No longer would you be able to smell the flowers in your grandmother’s garden, nor the fresh grass after a rainstorm, nor that gorgeous perfume you got for Christmas, nor the scent of your cousin’s awful baking. Well… that last one might not be such a bad thing.

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