Red Hair Man Emoji

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Another bubbly-looking emoji. Check out that cute round nose, those smooth ears, the neatly-trimmed eyebrows, and the bright and alert eyes. There’s no way you won’t be happy yourself when you take a gander at this emoji, what with his nose and ears and eyebrows and eyes. If only emojis could express themselves not only with their images, but with words as well. I wonder what this one would have to say. While he may look happy on the outside, looks can be deceiving. Deep down, he might not be in a very good mood at all. If he could talk to us, he might be able to tell us what is on his mind. Unfortunately, since he cannot talk, we will never know what problems might be lingering under the surface, for he is but a humble emoji with no way of expressing his deeper thoughts. That’s why putting him into your texts will maintain a happy mood. As long as he looks happy, other people will be happy too, and that will be wonderful.

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