Red Hair Woman Emoji

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Now here’s a woman who takes good care of her hair. Look at how nice and smooth and shiny that is. That’s what you call being hair smart. There’s something to be said for someone who takes pride in having good, clean hair. I wonder what shampoo brand she uses. Does she dye her hair, or is that her natural color? How fast does her hair grow, and how often does she get her hair cut? What hair salon does she get her hair cut at? Or else, does she have a roommate or a family member at home who cuts her hair for her? Whoever it is, they really know their stuff. I also wonder how many molecules this hair has. Does orange hair have different types of molecules in it than hair of other colors? This hair would make for a fascinating science project; there’s just so much to study here. Am I analyzing this too deeply? Probably.

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