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Can you keep a secret? Loose lips sink ships, or so they say. Personally, I’ve always thought that saying was a bit of an exaggeration, but the point stands. When someone trusts you to keep a secret, it’s important to uphold that trust. Conversely, if you trust someone else with sensitive information, it needs to be with a trustworthy soul. That’s why you should send them this emoji, to show that you’re serious about keeping secrets and making sure that you don’t sink any ships. Texting is a delicate, sacred process after all. You’ll need to ensure that you communicate very clearly your goal of remaining secretive. Then again, other people might have a hard time taking you seriously with that emoji. Behind his finger, you can see him grinning about something. He’s clearly up to no good. Maybe he somehow managed to fool all of us. What a sneaky little guy…

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