Farmer Emoji - Man

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Check out these beautiful carrots that my favorite emoji brought along, just for you. Long, huge, and full of crunch power. Crunch power. The emoji just made that up on the spot, but he likes the way that sounds, and I do too. These beautiful carrots were never bought. That’s right, he grew them myself. His pride and joy. Carrots are such a great vegetable. Up there with corn and peas. Corn in particular I actually like a little better, but carrots are the vegetable I eat the most. It’s to the point that my brother likes to make fun of me for it. He’ll often jokingly ask me if I had a bag of carrots for breakfast. Which, admittedly, has happened before. Yes, sometimes I will just munch on a bag of carrots, although it doesn’t happen anywhere near as often as my brother likes to joke that it does. Still, you can’t go wrong with carrots.

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