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It’s strange to think of an emoji having a leg like this. Or rather, that this particular emoji is a leg. Talk about getting a leg up! While emojis can be a vast array of different things, many of them are round faces with goofy expressions and nothing more. They apparently do not have any other body parts to speak of. For this emoji, it’s inverted. Instead of a face with no limbs, here we have a limb with no face. Yep, just a random bright yellow leg, although it does have its purposes. Want to give someone a kick in the pants? There’s no better emoji for the job than the one right here. Are you running a marathon? This nice, muscular leg will give you the motivation you need to train yourself harder and harder. Push yourself to new heights, to become not only the best marathon runner you can possibly be, but the best person you can be all around, all because you had this emoji to inspire you.

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