Man Emoji - Unknown

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This is the ultimate ‘fill in the blanks’ emoji. You have in front of you a human figure, one who is not only void of any distinct features, but hardly has any features at all. It could be a person covered in shadows. It could be a person wearing a blue sheet in front of them. Or perhaps they actually look like that in real life; just a face and a body of blue featureless-ness. Imagine seeing someone walking down the street who looks like that. Now that would be a funny sight. Might be a little eerie too. Actually, it’d probably be really eerie. Not sure if anyone would want that after all. A person can only handle so much. Or else, it might not even be a human figure at all. It could be an alien, for all any of us know. Imagine that walking down the street. That would be pretty freaky too.

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