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For the occasions when one silhouette just isn’t enough. Whether it’s a person covered in shadows, a person wearing a blue sheet, or else an alien, this mysterious figure decided they didn’t want to be alone. No, this mysterious, elusive, featureless figure wanted to be with a friend. A friend who also did not want any of his or her memorable features to be shown, or else who simply did not have memorable features at all. The most memorable feature of these silhouettes is their precise lack of memorable features. Some might say that it would be mundane, and perhaps even saddening to be so featureless, unlike so many other emojis out there. And it would be hard to disagree with that sentiment. On the other hand, there’s something touching about the fact that these two silhouettes decided they would stick it out together. Alone, but at the same time, together in their alone-ness.

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