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I actually know a fellow who’s a police officer. Or rather, he’s a retired officer now, but he served with the police force for an impressively long time. His name is Fred. He’s currently a member of my writer’s group. Totally nice guy. Not too long ago, he published a novel, a biography showcasing some of his memorable experiences with the force. Really good read. Some of the stories are a fantastic demonstration that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Fred has had so many memorable experiences over the years, he’s even planning to publish a second novel just because he has so many memorable experiences to share. Conversely, I wonder what policing stories this emoji has to offer. Has he had enough experiences on the force to fill out a book of his own? Or is he but a simple emoji, all finely dressed in his dapper uniform, but not having much of anything to say because he’s an emoji? Probably the latter.

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