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For all the times I’ve seen this hand gesture used before, it wasn’t until very recently that I came to know it as ‘the sign of the horns’. Before that, I always thought it was some sort of Texas-style greeting. Which could still be true to an extent, but now I believe it to be more general than that. Regardless of where this funky hand gesture originated from, it’s sure to add a lot of life and flare to your conversations. Never again will a dull conversation come around so long as you have this feisty hand by your side. Are you a fan of heavy metal? If you are, then you’ll enjoy this wall-banging emoji as much as any metalhead. Or maybe you just think it looks funny. Nothing wrong with that either. Or perhaps you’re a devil worshipper? Hopefully not. But if you are, at least then it’s fitting that this be called ‘the sign of the horns’.

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