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Like the other silhouettes emojis, this emoji is… well… a silhouette. Like the other silhouettes, he is a smooth, pure blue all the way around. Unlike the other silhouettes, this one has just a little bit more definition. Here, you can see that this fellow is talking. He appears to be talking in quite a lively tone too. At least he’s actually doing something, rather than the other silhouettes who just stand there looking mysterious. But even here, the situation still raises more questions than answers. Just who is this fellow talking to? Another silhouette, perhaps? Or else a much more vibrant and expressive emoji? And if so, what is it that these other two emojis might be talking about? Or, is the silhouette talking to himself for some reason? We may never know. There are many things in life that we may have questions about, but we cannot always have the answers, and it is because of this that sometimes we must come up with our own answers.

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