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Such an interesting design for a uniform. A bright red jacket with a furry bearskin hat. It might sound silly if you were describing it to someone, yet there’s something about it that manages to look strangely regal. In real life, at least. You might have a harder time passing off this emoji as ‘regal’, per say, but it is still pretty cute. There’s also something to be said about good color design. The red on this jacket is the perfect shade. It’s vibrant, without being garish. The small sections of black on the jacket only add to the contrast and help compliment the red. Even the jacket’s small buttons add delicate touches to the design. Although really, if nothing else, the uniform comes with a bearskin hat. Even if the uniform failed for every other reason, it would still be worth it for that awesome bearskin hat! You can’t go wrong with bearskins, after all.

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