The moon emojis has come to life!

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What’s your favorite Emoji? The smiley face? Heart eyes? Or maybe even a subtle grin? What if we asked you what you thought about the moon Emojis? While they may not be as prominent in everyday conversation as their expression-filled counterparts, the moon Emojis have quickly become popular because of their simplistic beauty, and an adorable way to showcase any conversation about the moon, nighttime, etc.

Now, the moon Emojis can come to life in your own home! Whether you’re an Emoji fanatic, or love the look of the moon Emojis, our moon Emoji pillows make a perfect addition to home decor of almost any kind, offering beauty, fun, and a touch of mystery wherever they go. Toss them on a bed, couch, or lounger, and people will feel instantly comforted by the familiarity, and of course won’t be able to keep from smiling at the fact that you’ve perfectly captured an Emoji in pillow form.

If the Emoji expressions are great, but you’re looking for something with a bit more depth and mystique, these pillows are perfect for you. They’re made from high-quality, soft plush material, comfortable for resting on. But, they’re also great as nothing more than a quality piece of home decor, and they make great gifts for not only the Emoji-lover in your life, but anyone who might be interested in moons, astrology, etc. Add a touch of fun and familiarity to your home decorating, with these beautiful, soft moon Emoji pillows, and we know you’ll think they are ‘out of this world!’

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