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Pens just got a lot more fun! We know what you might be thinking, how can a simple ballpoint pen actually be ‘fun?’ We use pens every single day, picking them up to jot something down, tossing them in drawers, and sometimes scrambling to find one when we need it most. Well, what if all of those instances could be made just a little bit better? Now they can, with these adorable Emoji pens.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your pen again. These Emoji pens are topped with a soft plush material depicting your favorite Emoji character, from heart eyes, to a grin, or from sunglasses to tears of joy, there’s a pen for everyone to show off your personality, and add a touch of fun into your daily routine. They are great for brightening up a mundane workday, or to have on hand at home. Kids and adults alike love writing with them!

Our pens also allow for smooth writing with high-quality ink, so you’ll want to reach for your Emoji pen again and again. Whether you order one, or order a bundle, we’re fairly certain your Emoji pen will quickly become your new favorite pen. No more getting lost in drawers, and no more quickly grabbing for any pen you can find, with their irresistible, familiar Emoji expressions, our Emoji pens will be the first pen you reach for whenever you need one. They make great gifts, too, especially for back-to-school, or for co-workers who love to have a little bit of fun!

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