Money Emoji Pillow - You’ll Be Seeing Green While You Dream

Money Emoji Pillow - dollar cash emoji

You’ll Be Seeing Green While You Dream

Whether you know someone who loves to spend, spend, spend, or just want to joke around with your friend about offering them money, this money emoji pillow is a great gift, and a great accent piece to any home!

Of course, we all want to have a little more money in our lives; maybe you use this emoji in your everyday conversation, maybe it’s something you like to use when you talk about going to work, or even joke about having an excessive amount of money. Whatever the case, this soft, plush pillow will remind you everyday of your fun, and somewhat silly love for the green stuff!

With a green dollar sign tongue, and dollar signs tattooed on the eyes, this particular emoji definitely knows what ‘he’ is excited about in life, and you can share that personality in a fun and whimsical way when you bring this emoji pillow into your home, or gift it to a friend who ‘works hard for the money!’

This pillow is a fun and effective way to add a touch of personality and pop culture to your home. It’s a great conversation starter, whether you get it for yourself, or someone else, since everyone already knows the look of the emoji itself: You’re just bringing it to life!

So, whether you have a love of money, know someone who does, or you just want to show off your silly side, bringing this super soft money emoji pillow into your life will definitely add a lot of fun!

You can find this cute money emoji pillow cushion here > Money emoji pillow

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