Giant Poop Emoji Pillow

big poop emoji pillow - giant poop plush

Chances are, you’d want to stay away from anything resembling ‘poop’ in real life, but the poop Emoji has quickly become one of the most popular icons of all time! It’s easy to recognize, and can be used to resemble a wide variety of different emotions and situations. The poop Emoji has taken something we usually view as ‘gross,’ and has turned it into something cute, likable, and relatable.

So, why not take this popular Emoji and make it a part of your home decor? You’ll be glad you did, since it showcases a fun side of your personality, and of course, your love of the original Emojis - everyone will recognize this popular image and will likely love starting a conversation about it! Because of its uniqueness, this giant poop Emoji pillow can go absolutely anywhere within your home, adding a touch of cute humor to any room. It’s big enough to rest on its own on the floor against a wall, etc., but it can also be an accent piece on a bed or couch if you’re looking to really let it stand out.

Have an Emoji-obsessed friend? Their collection truly isn’t complete without this classic poop Emoji pillow. With its super soft plush material, smiling face, and big, happy eyes, anyone would be happy to cuddle up with this swirling poop Emoji pillow, at any time! Bring a little fun and laughter into your home, and show off your love for Emojis (yes, all of them!) by letting this giant poop pillow have a strong presence.


You can find this big poop emoji pillow here > Giant Poop Emoji Pillow

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