Emoji pillows add a sense of expression to your home

emoji island emoji pillows for sale

What could be better than showing off your favorite Emoji expressions almost anywhere in your house, or cuddling up with a smiley face before you go to sleep? Now you can do that, and more, with these wonderfully cuddly, cute, and expressive Emoji pillows. Bring your everyday conversations and texts to life by showing off your favorite expressions in pillow form! Emojis have become popular because they allow us to share our feelings simply, accurate, and in a fun, light-hearted way. Why not let that carry over into your home decor?

These Emoji pillows are perfect for just about any place in your house, including the bedroom, a lounge area, kid’s room, basement, etc. The familiarity of the Emoji faces will bring a smile to anyone who sees them - an instant feeling of comfort and excitement! When someone stops in and sees their favorite Emoji expression in pillow form, don’t be surprised if it strikes up a conversation. They also make wonderful gifts for kids, teens, and adults who are absolutely Emoji-obsessed! Or, of course, if you have a favorite, you could always grab one for yourself, too!

Add a touch of personality, whimsy, and fun to just about any room with these expressive cushions, that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re feeling ‘devilish,’ want to give someone a kiss, or whether you’re laughing, or even want to share the classic ‘poop’ Emoji, there are sure to be endless laughs when anyone sees these pillows in your home. And of course, they’ll want them for themselves, too. The Emoji phenomenon is definitely here to stay, so bring a bit of it into your home, with these adorable Emoji pillows. Start out with your favorite, or collect all of them for the ultimate Emoji family that you’ll love seeing around your home to brighten up your day.

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