Your new favorite cuddle buddy - Human Emoji pillows

Human Emoji Pillow - New cuddle pillow

Your new favorite cuddle buddy - Human Emoji pillows

Everyone has their favorite Emoji, but the most popular throughout daily conversation always tends to be the different expressions we can send to each other. They are a direct reflection of how we’re feeling, or what we might be thinking at any given time. Maybe you even have a special Emoji expression you send to certain friends, family members, or someone you love. If you want to hold onto that expression every single day, the best way to do it is with one of these adorable human Emoji pillows!

These plush cushions really bring Emoji expressions to life in the best way, adding a huggable body to some of your favorite Emoji characters, like ‘heart eyes,’ or even an angry Emoji! Your Emoji man will be your new favorite thing to snuggle with on the couch or in bed, every single day. They are incredibly soft, plush, and easy to cuddle with.

Plus, these Emoji human pillows make incredible gifts! If you do happen to have a special Emoji character you share with a friend or loved one, what would be a better gift than offering them a cuddly pillow with that very expression? They look great, fit in with fun home decor, and make the perfect gift for anyone looking for a bit more happiness in their day. Whether you choose to cuddle your Emoji pillow everyday, or give it to a friend, these pillows are sure to bring happiness, laughter, and love wherever they go. Be sure to pick your favorite Emoji expression, and enjoy it day after day!

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